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BASc, BEd, MEd, PhD

Selected Publications


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Journal articles

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Conference Presentations


Hare, J. (2008, December). Before Children Get to the Door: Transitions to Early Learning for Aboriginal Children and Families. World Indigenous Peoples Conference in Education, Melbourne, Australia.

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Building Skills and Knowledge to Support Family Literacy in Aboriginal Head Start Programming through an Aboriginal Family and Community Literacy Curriculum (AFCLC) and Mixed-Mode Training

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Office of Literacy and Essential Skills.

Peer Tutoring for Aborginal Learners

UBC-HSS large grant. PI: M. Bournout-Trites. Co-investigators: J. Hare, J. Archibald.

Realizing Quality Care in Aboriginal ECD

Human Early Learning Partnership (UBC). Co-investigators Karen Issac, Danielle Mashon.

Transitions to Early Learning for Aboriginal Children and Families

Co-investigators Jan Hare and Jim Anderson.

A Longitudinal Study on Aboriginal Youth Mobility

UBC Hampton Grant.

Aboriginal Family and Community Perspectives on Early Literacy