PCOM 3103


BEd (Elementary/Primary), MA (Education), PhD (Literacy Education)

Selected Publications

Books (Edited)

Filipenko, M.J. & Naslund, J.L. (2015). Problem-based Learning in Teacher Education. Dordrecht, SW: Springer International Publishing Switzerland.

Books Chapters

Filipenko, Margot. "Building Young Children’s Comprehension of Informational Text Structures during Daily Read-alouds" Literacy, libraries and learning. Ed. Ray Doiron and Marlene Asselin. Toronto, ONT: Pembroke Publishing, 2005. 56 - 64.

Filipenko, Margot. "Incentivando o Letramento do Pre-Escolar: a funcao de pais e professores (Supporting literacy in preschoolers: The role of parents and teachers)". Perspectivas para Educacao Infantil (Perspectives for Infant Education). Ed. Celia Marie Guimares. Araraquara: Junqueira & Marin, 2005. 205-217.

Selected Journal Articles

McTavish, M. and Filipenko, M. (2016). Re-imaging understandings of literacy in teacher preparation programs using digital literacy autobiographies. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 32 (2), 73-81 DOI:10.1080/21532974.2016.1138914

Chapman, Marilyn, Margot Filipenko, Marianne McTavish and Jon Shapiro. "First graders' preferences for narrative and/or information books and perceptions of other boys' and girls' book preferences". Canadian Journal of Education 30.2 (2007): 531 - 554

Ahn, Jiryung & Filipenko, Margot (December 2006). Narrative, Imaginary Play, Art and Self: Intersecting Worlds. Early Childhood Education Journal http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10643-006-0137-4

Selected Conference Presentations

Lee, E., Doiron, R. & Filipenko, M.J. (June, 2015). Empowering learners across space and time. Paper presented at International Association of School Libraries (IASL) conference, July, 2015 Maastricht, Netherlands.

McTavish, M. & Filipenko, M. (May, 2015). Ensembles of words, music and images: Affordances and constraints of digital compositions in teacher candidates’ literacy autobiographies. Paper presented at the Annual Canadian Society of Studies in Education (CSSE) conference, June 2015, Ottawa.

McTavish, M. & Filipenko, M. (April, 2015). Pre-service teachers’ digital literacy autobiographies: What can we learn from their composition? Roundtable: Annual Meeting of the American Educational Researcher Association (AERA), Chicago.

Filipenko, M. & McTavish, M. (2013, December). Literacy Autobiography: Teacher Candidates’ beliefs and understandings of literacy in the 21st Century. Paper presented at the 63rd annual conference of the Literacy Researchers’ Association. Dallas, TX.

Naslund, J.L. & Filipenko, M.J. (June 2013). Re-shaping information literacy instruction to enhance professional inquiry in problem based teacher education. Paper presented at the Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference, Rome, Italy.

Lee, E. & Filipenko, M.J. (July 2011). Sharing the chalk: Teaching reading strategies proficient readers use worldwide. Paper presented at the Pan African Reading for All conference. Gaborone, Botswana.

Asselin, M., Dobson, T., Zelalem, G., Tirussew, T., Williams, G. & Filipenko, M.J. (July 2011). Research in Multiple Languages and Literacies in Ethiopia and Canada: A model for collaborative research. Paper presented at the Pan African Reading for All conference. Gaborone, Botswana.

Doiron, R., Lee, E. & Filipenko, M.J. (August 2011). Applying the Eight Principles of Effective Literacy Teaching to Support the School’s Culture for Reading. Paper presented at the International Association of School Libraries. Kingston, Jamaica.

Naslund, J., Tufts, E. & Filipenko, M.J. (April 2010). Games based instruction. Paper presented at Northwest Association of Teacher Educators. Tacoma, Washington.



  • LLED 565: Picturebooks and children’s literacy development
  • LLED 590: Graduating Paper
  • LLED 350: Classroom Discourses: Elementary
  • LLED 351: Literacy Practices and Assessment: Elementary
  • LLED 353: Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language: Elementary
  • ECED 585: Theory and Research on International Models of Early Childhood Education

Awards and Distinctions

2008 Murray Elliott Service Outstanding Contribution to Teacher Education Program
2003 Finalist, Outstanding Dissertation Award, International Reading Association
2001 Faculty of Education Graduate Student Teaching Award